How Successful DTC Brands Use TikTok, Important Carrier Updates, and More!

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past few months, you know that TikTok is taking over. The app, which allows users to share short videos of themselves, has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms. And as with any popular platform, brands and businesses have taken notice.

The DTC beauty industry in particular has seen a surge in innovation as brands look for new ways to reach consumers on TikTok. ColourPop recently released a series of lip sync videos called "ColorBombed," and Morphe has been using the platform to debut new products and collections.

It's clear that the DTC beauty industry is evolving to keep up with changing consumer behavior, and TikTok is proving to be an important part of that evolution. So if you're curious about what the industry has in store for the future, be sure to check out some TikTok videos!

In this issue, we will cover:

  • Future of eCommerce
  • Twitch's cosplay influencers
  • How leading brands are driving sales with TikTok content
  • Beauty Collab of the Week
  • Weekly update on Carriers as we head into peak season

General Market Currents

The future of eCommerce is looking bright. Although e-commerce penetration has only increased slightly in recent years, the online share is predicted to surge to 48% in the United States by 2023. While promising, mass-merchandiser and multi-brand platforms currently have a stranglehold on the market.

In the US, all hopes turn to eCommerce.

The Power of Beauty Driving Brand Innovation

  • Cosplay influencers star in Essence Makeup's first Twitch campaign - From e-girl blush to colorful har, the impact of Twitch's cosplay influencers can be seen across mainstream beauty trends. Beauty brands have finally taken notice.

  • Sephora brings Sephora to the metaverse - With 16,000 attendees globally, this year’s September 18 event added an NFT giveaway and more interactive games to the virtual “house party” format unveiled in 2021.

  • How Express is using its Edit stores to ‘reinvigorate the brand’ - For Express, the key to reaching new customers lies in its Edit concept stores. The company’s second-quarter comp sales grew 1% from last year, marking its fifth consecutive quarter of positive same-store sales growth compared to pre-pandemic levels. Its consolidated net sales increased 2% year-over-year in the second quarter to $464.9 million.

Social Media Trends for Beauty Brands

  • How leading brands are driving sales with TikTok content - The average user now spends a reported 73 hours per month on social channels, 83% of those hours on entertainment-centric platforms, such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok. This shift has transcended the world of social media into the era of social entertainment, where consumers are hungry for content, and anyone who provides substantial entertainment value can gain significant reach organically.

  • TikTok and Instagram surpass Snapchat for brands’ AR filters - From virtual makeup looks to contouring guides, brands are now turning to TikTok and Instagram more than Snapchat for AR filter campaigns. According to Glossy’s new research report published this week, Instagram is the most popular social platform for brands across categories to deploy AR filters, with a 64% adoption rate among those surveyed. While Snapchat was the most popular social media platform for AR filters in 2017, it now lags behind both Instagram and TikTok.

  • Behold, the Coolest Fall 2022 Makeup Trends in One Place - After a hot summer of undereye blush, manga lashes, and statement liner, what could fall makeup looks possibly have in store for us? You may have seen the Los Angeles-based makeup artist's colorful looks on the faces of Fletcher, Chloe Cherry, Rina Sawayama, and Addison Rae — just to name a few.

Beauty Collab of the Week

Harry Styles’s Pleasing teamed with Brazilian designer Marco Ribeiro for its latest set of nail polishes — and its foray into color cosmetics, via the $50 Pressed Powder Pigments palette, pictured above. The collection also includes five nail polishes (Pleasing’s hallmark since its launch), three cream pigments, and a multipurpose gloss.

Weekly Carrier Update:

Carriers prepare for peak season labor requirements and Ocean Freight Carriers Report a 20% Drop in US Orders

Watch the video update for more details.